Computers, especially printers, are from Hell and Faith Wells would know. At her IT job Fi discovers her former boss dead and packed up ready for shipping. The detective on the case is, literally, an angel. Not to mention drop dead gorgeous. This presents a small problem for Fi, since her dad is the right-hand of Satan. Add in the killer targeting her next, and she’s got a busy week ahead of her.

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Excerpt from the novel

Faith Wells—Fi to her friends–is a top IT specialist… mostly because unlike her mortal co-workers, she can communicate with little gremlins that inhabit all computers and printers. Perhaps compounding the notion that computers are from Hell, Fi in fact happens to be the daughter of Satan’s right hand demon.

When Fi finds her boss dead, she is intrigued and horrified to find his replacement worked for her father’s employer, in Hell. While Fi fights off romantic attention from her new boss and gains the attraction of an outcast demon, she is dragged into the murder investigation by none other than handsome detective Raziel Elwyn. As Fi does her own investigating, she unwittingly becomes the next target of the murderer. As she fights for her life, she suspects that Detective Elwyn, who also seems Hell-bent on ignoring Fi’s hormones and heart– may have been sent from Heaven–literally.

Both Good and Evil appear to be charged with protecting Fi, and she is indeed attracted to both the Angel and the Demon. Relationships like the one Fi fantasizes about are usually frowned upon by bosses who go by large titles, namely God and the Devil. To say nothing of Fi’s vampire and demon friends’ opinions on the matter. What’s a girl to do?