Critters of Unusual Sizes

A COUS Short Story

Called back to her home town after a series of strange animal attacks, Alana Dodson and her team arrive to find a new species of COUS, Critters of Unusual Size, and the biggest threat that the small town of Fossilridge has ever faced.

The Journey a Legends of corsari short story

Coming Soon!

When Kataryna Vaelyn's family is massacred, and she narrowly escapes capture and a fate worse than death, she has no one to turn to.

No one, that is, until she meets a masked stranger within the mysterious and deadly forest ruled by the dark elves. Imagine her surprise when she discovers the stranger is the legendary assassin Mortem Sorriso. An assassin known throughout the realms for his skill and ability to complete any contract. No matter who it is or where they're located.

With no hope of reclaiming her noble birthright, Ryna has to make a choice that will forever change her life... and future.

Does she have what it takes to become an assassin? Or will she falter and learn what happens when you disappoint someone known for their cold, indifferent nature?